Journey On is a cinematic piece with orchestral elements, piano and choir vocals. powerful and melodic with a strong build up to the end. Great for commercials, movie trailers, this track provides further options to extend the parts of the track to cater for you visual content. Cuts and strip down parts to the track are provided for you to chose how you want to build the feel of the music.

Comes with WAV and MP3 files.

Check out each sample on the preview track using the preview time below.

1. Journey On (Full Track).wav         Duration: 0:48           On preview: 0:00
2. Journey On (30 Sec Cut).wav         Duration: 0:30           On preview: 0:50
3. Journey On (Chorus Loop 1).wav      Duration  0:13           On preview: 1:20    
   Piano and strings only.
4. Journey On (Chorus Loop 2).wav      Duration  0:13           On preview: 2:05     
   Piano, strings, striped down percussion, and brass lead.
5. Journey On (Chorus Loop 3).wav      Duration  0:13           On preview: 1:47    
   Full chorus loop.

Thanks for listening. Stay Beautiful!
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