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well done dude! i cant believe that aj have great songs like this!


Thanks dorde :)

More music coming soon ;)

Wayman Purchased

Thanks, Tim, for the this wonderful song! This is a Great hit! :)


Thanks Wayman!!

I’ll do my best to keep them coming! – Thanks so much for purchasing too :)

Nice work Tim! Bookmarked. :)

Great song bro. I did purchase it for a project I am now done with, but I wasn’t able to use the song. But, I am going to use it very soon. I know I will have a project that this song will fit perfect with. It really is that good. Great job, and thanks for putting it up on the Jungle!


Awesome, thanks so much for the purchase :) – If the project your doing is online somewhere when it’s finished done forget to send me a link so I can check it out :)


Tempted to buy this just so I can put it on my mp3 player, lol

Great song!

PatrikL Purchased

I’ve bought quite a few tunes from AJ this year, this is the best song on the entire marketplace though!

Love it, bought it, listening to it, loaded in my iPhone ;)

Keep up the amazing work, Tim! I’ll keep purchasing your songs!


Hey Patrik,

That’s VERY nice of you to say :)....thanks so much for you support! It always means more to me from an author ;)

Gotta say I agree with the lot… excellent work man. :) Golden.

I also would like an instrumental. Please let me know if you make one available by emailing me @ vhaj@seastage.com

Will gladly buy an instrumental!

Great song. Thanks!

gambinog Purchased

This audio file makes me feel great inside! Great file, found this on YoCreative’s project file and I am gonna out it to great use. Keep em coming Tim!



Thanks for purchasing Mike!!! I appreciate it, and your comments! I will do my best to write more great tracks :)

You deserve every single purchase Tim you’re incredibly talented, we want more :grin:

PS: I want this in my iPod, I’ll be purchasing this one very soon.


Ivor, thanks so much my friend :)

I’m happy you like my music and I will do my best to write better then what I have now coming in 2011.

Thanks in advance for the purchase ;)

- Tim

I love the positive feel of your music, I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day so I decided to pick it up. Amazing work Tim, love your stuff!



Thanks so much for the purchase!!! It means a lot to me when others buy the music even for listening purposes…thank you for your support :) I seriously appreciate it very much!!!

crysfel Purchased

Awesome song! I love it! I’ve bought it to use it as a ring tone, this song is in my head all time and I couldn’t resist! :)

Great job


Thanks man!! Appreciate the purchase :) Enjoy the ring tone, hopefully with it playing over and over again you don’t get too sick of it :)

Hey there!

Just wanted to ket you know I just added this track to a collection over on the OhmLab den page. It is a public collection, and is intended on helping give more exposure to those artists within the AudioJungle community I really appreciate and respect. Please stop by when you get a chance to check it out. And don’t forget to rate it!! The more positive ratings it receives, the more people will see it. It’s just one more way I am trying to give back to and help grow the community I am so proud to be a part of.

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to hearing more soon.

Cheers, OhmLab


Hey man!

Thanks for adding my track :) ...I went to rate!

Some really great choices on there too!

Great, just one word!


Very much appreciated :) Thanks so much for the purchase!!!

Very nice track – you are a incredibly talented artist. :-)

Cheers, Dan


Hey Dan, thanks so much man!! I appreciate it very much :)

It is a beautiful song for a beautiful day start. Like it very much.


Thanks Man :) , appreciate you taking the time to listen!

This is absolutely fantastic. Amazing work!


Thanks man!!! :)

It’s so cool, man! Love this song! Thank you!

Now I will hear this song, if i go to my university. Just with a good mood, just for fun! :)


haha thanks muzikizum :) May all your university days be that much brighter!

Appreciate the purchase very much!!

warms my mood just to hear it! It IS a beautiful day!


Hey brennenshar,

I’m very happy that the song warms your mood :) Thanks so much for purchasing the song, and for commenting to give me your feedback!! Much appreciated!!!