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This is the best piece of music I found on AJ!

Wow! Thanks so much Biala – I really appreciate your kind words! In the coming months and beyond, hopefully it gets even better :)

Cool track! Good mood!

nice work and beautiful voice

Great work! I’ve been waiting for vocal tracks for a long time :)

Thanks everyone for your awesome comments, and thanks so much for taking the time to let me know you like the music – especially to those of you who are quite established yourself, it’s a big encouragement! Keep your eyes open in the next couple days, I have a few new vocal tracks coming up that I have been working very hard on :)

I might buy this and make one animation with it. Amazing song! :)


Hey Ricardo,

Thanks so much! If you do make an animation be sure to let me see it when its done :)

By the way, awesome portfolio ;)

this makes me happy all over!! ;-)

matreas Purchased

and .. it’s still playing.. and makes me happy more and more.. !!


Thanks Matreas :)

And thanks so much for the purchase ;)

If you’re looking for another song with the same kinda of feel good vibe there is another one here:


Different type of song, but still a nice feel to it !

I need an instrumental version of this song to buy from audio jungle is that available? If not, Could it be available. Really I’m looking for a version without the verses.

Awesome! This should be on the radio dude! It’s a hit song. Shop it around I’m sure someone will jump on this. Love your work. Keep em coming. Love it, Love it, Love it!


Thanks man, and thanks for the purchase :)

I plan to release an album by the end of this year or the beginning of next, and this song will probably be on it. I wrote it just recently for Audio Jungle specifically, so this is actually the first exposure it has had…but thank you, I believe it will be on the radio some time soon :)

I will be releasing a lot of new material on here over the next few months so stay tuned to my profile ;)

One of the best tracks here on audiojungle ;)

this is awesome tim! should be awesome to have the lyrics somewhere available for animations or film. Could you send them to my email dr[at]zonadearte.org? thanks!


Hey Daniel,

Thanks for the awesome comments :)

I sent the lyrics to your e-mail as you asked.

BTW , I like the Psalm on your profile ;)

It’s a beautiful song. :)

Very cool track! Sounds great :)

Great song! Thanks for good mood!:)

It’s just amazing piece of work. I have an addiction.. :D

Always feeling better when listening to this one! Stunning job mate. :)

jholl Purchased

Wanted to send a special thanks for an amazingly well done song…I cannot begin to express how deeply this song resonates, and possibly in ways that you cannot begin to imagine. I’ll be paying close attention from here on out, I assure you.


Wow :)

Thanks the the heart felt post jholl,

I’m very happy this song resonates with you. I’m glad you’ll keep an eye on my profiles as well, I have some big plans for some new releases in the next couple months :)

Thanks for the purchase as well ;)


It’s a beautiful song!!