Iraqi Dawn (Sands of Time)

This is modern cinematic mood piece with a contemporary ethnic feel.

This pack contains 4 songs (2 versions)

Iraqi Dawn – The original Song – 3:12
Iraqi Dawn (Instr) – Instrumental/No Vocals version – 3:12

Iraqi Dawn Sands of Time – Mellow acoustic version, an epic and cinematic 1:22
Iraqi Dawn Sands of Time (Instr)- Instrumental/No Vocals version 1:22

All tracks come mastered in full WAV 16 bit/44khz and in HQ MP3 (320kbps)

Iraqi Dawn was inspired by a recent ‘trip of discovery’ to Dubai. Hanging outside the hotel, i got to hang around with these super-rich Iraqi teenagers – the sons of exiled Iraqi Oil barons.

They would race their $500,000 super-cars round the dusty deserts, whilst dreaming of returning to their Homeland. Their motto? ‘Live Fast, Die Young!’

The music is set in a contemporary style, with some background synths, and electric guitar. but pays homage to true middle eastern/Persian music with use of traditional instruments like the Oud lute, Dojo Frame Drum, the Lebanese Jbail, and the haunting Duduk Pipe

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