‘Intimate Reflections’ is a Royalty Free and very beautiful, romantic and melancholic Piano song.
The Piano describes very beautiful but also some melancholic moments.

There may appear a little teardrop, while the feelings ride a rollercoaster from sad to happy, but at the end the hope is always there, underlined by the major Piano chord.

To offer maximum versatility for beautiful moments like cinematic applications, weddings, love stories or issues about friendship, but also for sad moments, this track comes in multiple variations.
It’s suitable for love stories, films, movies, presentations, slide shows, documentaries about justice, hunger, love, joy, orphans, love etc.

This track comes in three variations, all of them are included when you buy this item:
  • Intimate Reflection – Melancholic (melancholic version) 1:42, first in preview
  • Intimate Reflection – Happier (more happier version, more hopeful) 1:42, in preview after 1:42
  • Intimate Reflection – Long (long version) 3:06, in preview after 3:24
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