A powerful and inspiring track ideal for cinematic action, corporate productions, drama, fantasy, sports productions and more. Evokes a sense of triumph, determination, confidence, as well as breakthrough and innovation. It would be great for an advertisement for cars or new technology, and would also work well as a trailer or intro for any film or documentary production, or video montage. Give your project the inspirational and epic sound it needs with this fresh track.

This piece starts with solo piano and develops emotional intensity with unique atmospheric textures and lush strings, along with deep percussion hits to give it an epic feel.

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Suitable for the following types of projects and productions: corporate achievement projects, motivational adverts, health & wellness, fitness, financial promotions, corporate leadership seminars, motivational podcasts, business vlogs, corporate advertising, business leadership conferences, corporate motivational presentations, inspiring business presentations, corporate motivational promos, film & tv commercials, youtube videos, viral marketing campaigns, social networking, inspirational slide shows, corporate promotions and videos – anything that needs a modern, inspiring sound.