Positive, inspirational, emotional and motivational track with piano and strings.

This package also contains a piano solo version, more suitable for scenes with interviews or narrator:
  • Inspirational Piano (2:34) – 0:00-2:34 in the preview
  • Inspirational Piano – Piano Solo version (2:34) – 2:34-5:09 in the preview

Save Money! This track is included in the Corporate Piano Pack 1.

Here you can see two sample videos using this song:

Similar music tracks

  • Lively Piano. Corporate track with piano and acoustic guitar. The track begins with a simple piano. Around 0:30 the piano grows and an acoustic guitar is added.

  • Uplifting Piano. Positive, inspirational, emotional and motivational track with piano, strings, oboe and drums. The track starts with a piano with a nice stereo echo. After a few seconds starts the strings, followed by oboe, and finally drums.

  • Romantic Piano Background. Romantic track with piano and background strings. Perfect for romantic and emotional videos such a wedding album.

  • A Wonderful Day. Beautiful, positive and motivational track featuring piano, ukulele, bass, hand claps and drums. This song is a very happy and upbeat piece, perfect for background music for any type of video that needs to evoke happiness, fun and positive feeling.


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