Indie Rock Pack Contains 5 songs in alternative rock and indie music manner.

Songs included:

1.Sunday Morning – 3:05

Bright, uplift Sunday song.Overdrive and wah wah guitars, melodic solo and cheerful drum makes this song perfect for motivational commercials, videos, short movies and openers.

2.Good Times We Had – 2:09

Good Times We Had is one very positive song with good motivational vibes.Cool overdrive guitars, upbeat tempo and little bit of tambourine makes this song ideal for various motivational commercials, funny videos, movie backgrounds.

3.Hits Of Sunshine – 1:55

Hits Of Sunshine is indie rock song with lot of electric guitars, cheerful and playful melody and drum rhythm, hand claps and tambourine. This song can perfectly suit to various commercials, from funny to sport, action videos, promos and openers.

4.Friday Night – 1:40

Friday Night is one very warm and positive rock song with overdrive guitars, tambourine, hand claps, lots of percussion and piano. Perfectly fits to various type of commercials, from action and sports videos to various products commercials/

5.Funny Ride – 1:27 ( 2 versions included.One with piano and one without.Both 1:27)

Funny Ride is uplifting rock track with catchy guitar riffs, upbeat drums, hand claps and piano melody.Perfect for corporate projects, or any positive and happy video presentations.

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