This is an atmospheric ambient sound track which takes the listener into an atmosphere which is quite eerie, desolate and scary. It can be used for background music or underscoring in video games, videos or perhaps even your real-life Halloween-event!

The track starts off by gradually building up while you enter the werewolf’s lair. Once in there you are surrounded by a dark atmospheric sound, much drone and wind-alike. While you move through the lair the atmosphere varies continuously, introducing various other quite surreal dream-alike sounds (much based on chimes, water organ and water drops). In the meanwhile you hear low growling and moaning of the beast.

It is late at night and you’re all alone in the middle of the dark woods. You are in search for the lair of the werewolf that has been terrorizing the town for quite a while now. It is time to put an end to this unearthly beast. On an earlier expedition you found the entrance to its lair; now you are entering it. The entrance is through a small cave. While you enter and walk further and further the path takes you deeper and deeper. Your burning torch is your only comfort in this desolate maze. While you hear the moaning and growling of the beast come closer and closer, you see your torch is coming to its end. Should you continue your adventure or should you leave this forsaken place while you still can? I won’t give you the answer here; listen and decide for yourself.


This track is delivered in two file formats: a high quality WAV-format (industry standard 16-bit stereo 44.1kHz) and a high quality MP3-format (320kBs stereo). The total number of files is thus 2.

  • tmbhlwn_in_the_wolfs_lair.wav/.mp3: 5 minutes

Tombstone Halloween Collection

This soundtrack is part of Tombstone Halloween Collection, which contains a total of 5 atmospheric ambient sound tracks, where every track brings yet another eerie, desolate and scary atmosphere. Every track has its own unique setting and story to tell. Every track in the collection has a length of exactly 5 minutes making for a total length of 25 minutes! Through fading in and out at the beginnings and endings of the tracks, they can be overlapped with any of the other tracks in the collection for continuous playback or constant and smooth changing of scenery.



If you need an altered version of this item, e.g. another tempo, another key, or a specific stem, then feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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