I'm Free

I'm Free

“I’m Free” is cheerful, positive love song (Valentines day) with man vocal. This track is perfect for video projects, tv commercials, youtube,advertise, slide-show, and special personal project for your loved ones.

Three versions are included zip:

  • 1. Full version 2:31 wav and mp3
  • 2. Without Lead Vocal 2:31 wav and mp3
  • 3. Instrumental 2:31 wav and mp3

Song lyrics:

Any time I go for a little walk
Any girl a meet in the street a see just you
Never felt in love like this before
I’m in love my darling and i’m sure its true

Any time you say you feel the same
I can’t show how nice your words could be for me
Any time we play one little game
In the world of love I’m on the winning team


I am free darling am free
Please please take me
If you can take me
Hold me darling hold me
And forever be in love with me

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