The icicles have formed on the gutter sill. The early sunlight rays glisten through the ice, shattering the path of the light. An array of light dispersion is created. Drops of water drip one by one from the tip of the icicle. Hints of green emerge as if they were stars in the night sky. Life is stirring all around. Spring is here.

This piece is about the days that bridge the spring and winter together. We begin to notice the subtle changes in weather and appearance of nature itself

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Ambient Nature Pack

Contains four soothing, tranquil tracks for your listen pleasure.
  1. Icicle Melt – One of my most popular tracks! – 4:48
  2. Wise Forest – 3:24
  3. Celestial Enchantment – 5:00
  4. New Species – 5:05

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Keep Faith is a track which I produced many years ago as a benefit/relief track. For each and every purchase of this track, I will donate 100% of the proceedings for relief. If you purchase this track and have a specific relief you would like for me to donate this to, please message me and I will take care of it accordingly. Let us join together to aid those in need.