“I Tell You” is a modern melodic dance-pop song in the style of Carly Rae Jepsen.

It starts with staccato strings and builds up to the chorus with danceable drums, strings, electric guitars and some added synths before there is a break where it drops down to the intro theme. After the chorus builds up more and more until there is again a break with the strings part only. Before the end, it climbs back to the climax, then it finishes with the staccato strings again.

This song is perfect for catching the attention on ads, movies, films or any kind of presentations.
It’s very motivating and catchy mood makes it happy and it’s promising success.

Four versions are included in different lengths:
  • I Tell You long 2:26
  • I Tell You 30sec 0:30 in preview after 2:26
  • I Tell You long alternative intro 2:26in preview after 2:56
  • I Tell You 30sec alternative intro 0:30 in preview after 5:22
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