Very tense and suspenseful, big enough tracks to make your project come alive. This pieces could be used for a wide range of ideas, mainly action sequences.
You get THREE files:
0:34 – Hunting Intro Ending (short version 1, vs guitars)
0:34 – Hunting Intro Ending (short version 2, orchestra only)
0:50 – Hunting Intro Ending (loooong version)
Similar files: Magic Logo, Flying Hi, Flying Intro-Ending, Hunting, Sweet Momets, Hi-Tech Logo 2, Hi-Tech Logo 3, Hi-Tech Intro, Three Stingers.
Packs audio for score video: Trailers Pack, Logo Pack
Check out this great After Effects project

And another thing: do not forget to listen….
Five BEST sellers
Add Loudness, driven dance track
Good Morning, positive rock track
80’s Pop/Rock, cool melodic old rock track
Infinity, energetic rock track, with tasty piano lead
Evil Mushrooms, track about evil mushrooms =)

...and it’s NOT ALL ! In my portfolio be available many relax, energetic, exotic and melodic track, FX, music packs – i hope, you will find everything that want.
Thank you for having read it! :)

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