(SB) – Fear…There’s something very attractive about the sense of fear. That skin crawling, absolutely bone chilling feeling that leaves an imprint on our minds and refuses to let go. A big part of that fear, is from sound and that is what you’ll be getting here. A package that is geared towards lifting, or rather, plummeting, your productions to the very depths of horror and surrounds the imagination with a dark and terrifying, surreal terror.

Take the audience to the next level of horror and submerge them into a world of darkness. Alone, with only fear.

What you’ll get:

- 5 terrifying loops

Every track in order of appearance:

- 1: Ambient Horror Theme
- 2: Ambient Horror Theme 2
- 3: Horror Ambiance 1
- 4: Horror Ambiance 2
- 5: Tense Ambiance 1

All tracks are looping flawlessly as a .wav!

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