Holy Hop Pack

Five modern hip hop tracks, ideal for your film projects, games, advertising, background for video presentation and maybe rapping over… Whatever you choose to do, these pieces will make your project come alive and add a distinctive flavour for sure!

The Main File Include (Wav-Mp3):
1. Action Hero - 3:31
This composition suggests a dramatic tension that is featured in the foreground while the background ambient character. But the chorus was the culmination of tensions in the mood!
2. Military Mystery - 2:14
Modern Hip Hop track with a powerful string section. Excellent basis for rapping or as a background for video projects…
3. Hip Hope - 3:57
Cheerful complex compositions, suitable for advertising, modern dance performance, or vocal dance / hip-hop character…
4. Holy Guns - 3:10
Modern sounding Hip Hop track with strings, choir vocals and powerful drums. Ideal for your website, movie or in advertising etc.
5. Aysha - 4:04
This song has a soothing rhythm and atmosphere. But strings and an angelic choir, giving a strange effect. Ideal for your website, video or game…

Each track can be purchased separately, or the whole package for half price! :)