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Very very nice music! Personaly I very like new-classic. Linch, Eno, Harold Bud…

But you here have a very strong them so it reminded me Russian music. They are not strong in abstractions except Stravinsky maybe. But they can make strong impression if they found strong them. :)

For example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mSHQgpeCbQ


Thanks for the comment. Yeah i try to be a bit different I got 20 years of progressive music behind me. I always loved classical and I try to incorporate the classical with progressive so you get this kinda different sound and feel. I am a huge Dreamtheater, SymphonyX, Adagio fan. These guys are the best progressive bands out there.



I like modern classical music much more then old classic. Despite the fact that most of the inhabitants appreciate the ancient art more than modern, modern art is much stronger. if Leonardo Da Vinci saw something that made my friend, he’d have eaten Mona Lisa. :)


I think the same words you can say about music too.