This pack includes 7 tracks:

1. 2:32

Jazz harmony and cool drumline. Strings, rhodes piano and deep bass. Positive mood. Motivational hip-hop track without agression.

2. 1:30

This track – hip-hop cover on this item: Strong beat+strings+piano = cinematic hip-hop.

3. 1:16 Hip-Hop movie soundtrack with criminal mood. Using this item in your project will help you make good moment in your video/TV/Radio and etc.

What was used: – strings (legato and pizzicato) – piano (deep sound) – bassline and nice drumkits

4. 3:19 Soft and calm hip-hop track with jazz harmony. Rhodes creates warm atmosphere.

5. 2:11 Soft and nice lounge track made in hip-hop style. Good for TV and advert. Piano+strings+drumline+bassline+rhodes+lead sound = Lounge Beat

6. 1:26 Soft positive track with light rhodes piano and nice bassline. Experimental genre: jazz+hip-hop. The ending of track is little sad because of my personal preferences.

7. 1:36 Short and dramatic track with sad mood. Nice piano melody with strong beat. Good for commercial presentations or advert.

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This music pack was created for movie. Good for different genres: love story, drama, thriller, computer games, horrors and others. Tracks are composed with piano, bass and strings. Also you can buy individually. So, click on pic and listen!

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