Heavy Cinematic Rock Pack

Heavy Cinematic Rock Pack

Heavy Cinematic Rock. Here are four short but extremely powerful tracks designed to shake you and your listener to the core. The guitars are severely overdriven, the riffs are memorable and driving. The percussion is heavy, booming and relentless. The rock base is occasionally embellished with electronic and/or orchestral flourishes.

The music in this pack makes for good trailer music – particularly with the hard cut endings. Conceptually, they were designed with trailers in mind, hence the short length of the four tracks.

Overall, these tracks are produced in a similar style, but are musically different enough from each other that they have a distinct identity.

Explosive Rock Intro 0:24

A killer rock riff produced in an explosive way. It’s short, sweet, and very to the point and in your face. Would be useful for any website opener, or presentation opener. Guaranteed to grab your attention!!!

Explosive Rock Intro 2 0:38

A supremely moody, dark, and explosive rock track (with some electronic elements) that would serve very well as an attention grabbing introduction to a website, or for the close of a product trailer.

It is loud, to the point, and brick-walled to the point where your speakers should be melting!

Dark Rock Anthem 1:08

This track is clearly divided into two sections, which I like to call the ‘build’ and the ‘payoff’. (Also known as ‘verse’ and ‘chorus’!!)

Both sections, as well as the whole track are provided as separate edits in the ZIP file that you download after purchasing.

Section A is a build which features a heavily processed piano as the main ‘riff’, this is accompanied by rhythm guitar stabs and more heavily processed drums. In the preview track, this builds and then breaks down at 0:26, a suitable introduction. Incidentally this is all also accompanied by some low strings.

Section B, is the massive, killer riff. This is a very powerful hook. A guitar is layered with a piano and orchestral strings to give supreme power to the riff. The riff works because of the harmony underneath provided with a VERY heavily overdriven guitar. This riff goes through its natural progression and is brought to a haunting close by a solo piano at the very end.

Summary of files provided:

GC_DarkRockAnthem.wav GC_Dark Rock Anthem.mp3

This is the full track from start to finish. 1:08 in length.

GC_DarkRockAnthem_SectA.wav GC_Dark Rock Anthem_SectA.mp3

This is an edit of the first half of the full track (the build up). 0:26 in length.

GC_DarkRockAnthem_SectB.wav GC_Dark Rock Anthem_SectB.mp3

This is an edit of the second half of the full track (the killer riff). 0:40 in length.

Heavy Irish Rock Anarchy 1:08

Loud, yes! Heavy, yes! Irish, most definitely!

If you want something in your face to begin a presentation, or to smack you over the head in a trailer, (with a hint of an Irish theme), then no look further than this anarchic rock track.

This track has a folky feel but is rearranged to feel like a punk / garage rock track.