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‘Happy & Quirky Pack’ is a pack of altogether nine happy and quirky tracks featuring for example the glockenspiel, pizzicato strings, xylophone and marimba! These tracks would work well on the background of presentations, commercials or video games.

Description of the tracks:

1. Bubbles (1:27):

Happy and positive background song with the marimba and glockenspiel. The song starts with the chord progression played by the marimba after which the glockenspiel’s melody line is introduced. The track would fit well on the background of the various presentations or commercials.

2. Happy Glockenspiel Melody (0:34):

This is a track with a simple and happy glockenspiel melody accompanied by the pizzicato strings, woodwinds and piano. This light and positive track is also highly suitable for many short ads and presentations.

3. Happy Glockenspiel Melody 2 (0:46):

This is a very positive and happy little glockenspiel melody. Perfect for ads and presentations. The instrumentation includes glockenspiel, pizzicato strings and the bassoon. This item also includes a seamlessly loopable version of this track:

4. Happy Glockenspiel Melody 2 Loop (0:42)

5. Serene (0:59):

‘Serene’ is a calm and soothing background music loop with a short and simple glockenspiel melody phrase in the middle of the loop. It creates a calm, serene and peaceful atmosphere with a hint of playfulness. As a loop it would fit well on the background of slow paced games, for example.

6. Quirky Music Box (3:29):

Quirky Music Box is a melodic song which evokes feelings of fantasy, magic, mystery and wonder. It begins as a small and intimate music box melody, which gradually turns into a much more energetic song as the piano, drums, bass and finally strings come in to play alongside of the glockenspiels. There’s also three other versions of ‘Quirky Music Box’ in this pack:

7. Quirky Music Box (Full Song No Melody) (3:15)

8. Quirky Music Box (Short Version) (1:11)

9. Quirky Music Box (Short Version No Melody) (0:55)

All of the tracks are in the preview.

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Check out my other music package for positive & uplifting music:. The Positive Pack

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