Guitar Pop Music Pack

Guitar Pop Music Pack

Is a bundle of three uplifting and motivational high quality guitar based tracks from my portfolio. All three tracks are in a Pop rock style.

All versions are included in this pack

Tracks are;

1. Bright Adventure is an uplifting, motivational, bright, clean sounding, optimistic happy feel good track, in a jangly guitar pop rock style. With a soft opening, rising into a melodic picking guitar tune then finishing with a catchy piano melodic outro. Great for sports background applications, corporate business presentations, advertising, radio and television. With piano chords, string pads and driving bass and drums.

(1) Main file version 1 (duration 2:52)

(2) Short file version 1, with no intro, slightly shorter ending. (duration 2:19)

(3) Main file version 2, no guitar riff (duration 2:52)

(4) Short file version 2, no intro, no guitar riff and no piano chords, slightly shorter ending.(duration 2:19)

2. Bright New Start is a bright, positive, cheerful, clear, happy and light sounding track. In a jangly pop guitar style, opening with delayed guitar and acoustic guitar chords strumming away. The rest of the band comes in on (0:25) with subtle piano chords, bass guitar and drums. The track reaches It’s outro in a relaxed and melodic way. Instruments include; acoustic guitars, piano, bass guitar, organ and mellow string pad. Ideal for backgrounds and presentations.

(1) Main file

(2) Main File short version (no intro and starts on 25 secs of preview file, duration 1:50)

3. Life Begins (duration 2:20) is a bright sounding, uplifting and happy sounding track, in a jangly pop rock guitar style with punchy, solid bass and drums. The track opens with acoustic and electric guitars and a synth arpeggio. The track opens up on (0:30 secs) when the rest of the band joins in with driving bass guitar, piano and drums.

(1) Main File with lead guitars (duration 2:20)

(2) Main File without lead guitars (duration 2:20)

(3) Short version with lead guitars and no intro ( duration 1:50)

(4) Short version without lead guitars and no intro ( duration 1:50)

All files in high quality 16bit wav and 320kbps mp3

If these tracks are not suitable for your project, you might like one of my other packs.

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