Going To A New Day
The item includes two versions of the track:

  • Going to a new day (Lite Rock) – 2min 28sec, first one in the preview
    It’s a trip theme, no matter, what it is – hitting the road, or just starting for a new day. And I hope that way will eventually lead you to success.
    Mellow and energetic at the same time, this music is perfect for some uplifting trailer, as a cue for movie, motivational presentation, commercial, business and corporate projects.
  • Going to a new day (Acoustic) – 1min 16sec
    A quiet but brisk acoustic guitar composition; because of its gentle temper, it would be great as not-annoying and nice music background for any kind of your projects.

This item was last updated on May 16, 2013

If you want some custom edition of this piece, feel free to contact me. In simple cases this can be done fast and for free.

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