Glitch error transition hit set for malfunctioning technology like broken robots. generators, computer interfaces and cyborgs in film and video games.
Glitch Art Animation in a box

  1. Glitch01 (0:02) Broken robot shutting down.
  2. Glitch02 (0:02) Error sound in a sattelite sensor array audio response.
  3. Glitch03 (0:02) Malfunction of a pulse rifle weapon when charging.
  4. Glitch04 (0:03) Broken android boot sequence.
  5. Glitch05 (0:03) Unsafe electrical current that spikes during use of an electronic switch.
  6. Glitch06 (0:04) Instruction overload in a CPU on a computer board that has leaking memory and burnt transistors.
This broken cinematic sound effect set was recorded for games, movies, films, entrance flash presentations, extremely cool business projects, news, telecasts, podcast, slideshows, cyberpunk corporate videos, backgrounds for hacked websites etc.

Useful for realistic, sci-fi (especially cyberpunk, glitchcore or steampunk) or fantasy settings and comedic or serious themes. Also a great “system failure” sound.

Available in both 320kbps mp3 and 16 bit, 44100 hz wav audio file format.

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