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quality level, as always)


Thanks! :)

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Amazing work and very powerful! I love it! :)

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Fantastic track, really thanks for aggrandize my project! I wish attract a lot of buyers to you.

Kind Regards,



Haha thanks for using my track Yo! :)

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I purchased this track because my clip was 30 seconds. Unfortunately your 31 second mix isn’t actually 31 seconds of sound. There are quite a few seconds of silence at the end, and it has not worked for my movie at all. Very disappointed. You should explain that a little better, as I have wasted my money.

Other than that it is a great sound.


Did you ever receive the project mix version? What you heard was the full mix version in the original purchase. Anyone who wants the project mix version has to provide me their email so I can send them this extra version. I can’t include it in the sale because it has sounds from other tracks (for the purpose of the mix) and that’d be copyright infringement if I sell it. Thus, I have buyers purchase the original before I can send them the project mix.

Please provide me with an email and I can send you that mix to see if that’s what you were searching for.