Future Technology Ident

Future Technology Ident

Wild Heart - Tim McMorris

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Track InformationThis futuristic technology audio logo is catchy, upbeat and uses a lot of short arpeggiated synth sounds to create an exciting audio piece. With its combination of electronic sounds and hip hop elements, this audio ident will effortlessly fit various projects and uses.

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Song Collections

Finding the perfect song for your project can be difficult, especially when searching through thousands of songs! To make finding that perfect song quick and easy, I’ve sorted my portfolio (both vocal and instrumental tracks) into different collections five different ways:

First, by vocal tracks, and instrumentals alone. Then, by MOOD, GENRE and USAGE! Now you can search the way that’s easiest for you. If you’re really in a rush, chech out my Top 10 best sellers of all time!

Vocal Tracks By Tim McMorris
Instrumental Tracks By Tim McMorris

Music Collection By Mood
Productive Music CollectionProductive Music CollectionDramatic Music CollectionDramatic Music CollectionHappy Music CollectionHappy Music CollectionHopeful Music CollectionHopeful Music Collection Inspirational CollectionInspirational Collection Intriguing CollectionIntriguing Collection Nostalgic CollectionNostalgic Collection Powerful CollectionPowerful Collection Romantic CollectionSuspensfull Collection Suspicious Collection
Music Collection By Genre
Country Music CollectionCinematic Music CollectionElectronic Music CollectionCrime Music CollectionFolk Music CollectionDrama Music CollectionHip Hop Music CollectionFantasy Music CollectionIndie Music CollectionSci-Fi Music CollectionPop Music CollectionSuspense Music CollectionRock Music CollectionWestern Music Collection
Music Collection By Usage
Activism MusicAdvertising MusicAdvertising MusicDocumentary MusicDocumentary MusicMovie Trailer MusicMovie Trailer Music\\Special Occasions Music\\Wedding Music