‘Frozen Epic Hero’ is a mystic cinematic and epic Royalty Free Music track, perfectly suitable for your epic movie, documentary film, Youtube video or any other application where you need a mystic and heroic mood.

The track develops itself from the mysterious beginning with the campanulate Rhodes piano over to a part with mellow cellos and staccato strings to build up the tension. A horn section shows up and brings some light in the scene. It leads in a part with staccato played Cellos and growing dramatic drum elements. After a break it goes over the big finale with the entire orchestra, dominated by the horns. After that it ends with a hopeful but still a little bit mysterious Rhodes piano and cello part.
Five versions are included:
  • Frozen Epic Hero – Long (long version) 3:37 (first in preview)
  • Frozen Epic Hero – 90 sec (shorter version) 1:30 (in preview after 3:37)
  • Frozen Epic Hero – Logo 1 (Logo Version 1) 0:14 (in preview after 5:07)
  • Frozen Epic Hero – Logo 2 (Logo Version 2) 0:12 (in preview after 5:21)
  • Frozen Epic Hero – Logo 3 (Logo Version 3) 0:07 (in preview after 5:33)
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