This is a positive folk acoustic track with acoustic (nylon / classic) guitar playing the lead role. A melodic piano along with drums, percussion and bass further add to the sound.

This track is perfect for any situation where you want to convey love, emotions, memories, family, and happiness. It is ideal as background music in a photo slideshow or an ad about something wholesome / organic.

You really get a lot with this purchase – four different versions.

1. The short version comes first in the preview and is 1:20 long.

2. The medium version comes second in the preview in is 2:04 long. This version features a longer intro and outro.

3. The long version contains an extra breakdown section and is 2:45 long.

As a bonus, I added a seamless loop that is 1:13 long, and loops at 130 bpm.

The exact starting points in the preview are:

Short version: 0:00-1:20

Medium version: 1:20-3:24

Long version: 3:24-6:09

The loop, looped once: 6:09-8:36

The loop is looped once, so you can hear the loop point, which occurs at 7:22 in the preview.

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