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Beautiful! I fell in love with this piece since 2010, but decided to buy it two years later (2012). Thanks so much!!!

Thankyou Antonio, I appreciate your comments, and of course your purchase! :)

This is a fantastic track! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Nice track.. Are you Gypsy Jazz addict ? :)

Thanks very much! I wouldn’t say I’m an addict, but yes I do like Gypsy Jazz!

Amazing sound!

Thanks very much, I appreciate your support! :)

Damn good track andy! Really captures the essence of a French Summer. Great work. :D

Thanks very much mate!! :)

very very good job, man=)))

Cheers man, thanks! :)

Wonderful and delightful :) Feels a sunny day in Paris!

Thank you very much! :)

Great track. leaves a good mood after listening)

Thanks very much! :)

Maan. Outstanding work. :) How could I miss this one!

Thanks Andrew! I appreciate your support!

Bloody great! Wonderful recording and variations.

Thanks a lot Aaron! I appreciate your support! :)

Ha, really cool melody

Thank you very much Zatara! :)

Hi Andy! Congrats and thank you for your fantastic track! If you want, you can check how I use it in adv for pet shop http://www.beautypets.it/servizi/. Do you like it?


Hi Jeanko! Thanks very much for sharing, this looks fantastic! I like it very much!! :)

Great job, there is something to be equal ;)

Thanks very much! :)

Thanks very much! :)

Nice acoustic item ;) Did you played guitar by your self?

Thanks Red Lion! Yes, I did play the guitar myself :)

Love it, but is slightly confused, if I purchase this one, is it French Guitar Version 2?

Hi, glad you like it! There are 5 variations included here. You can see a list of everything included, in the description. You can listen to everything that’s included by listening to the preview. If you need any further assistance please let me know.

Nice performance, beautiful sound! I like the atmosphere of this track :)

Thank you very much, sir! :)

Lovely track and superb mix! Sounds very versatile and would work great in a variety of different projects! :)

Thanks very much :)

Hi Andy! This is a very cool track! Beautiful melody! I like it. :)

Thanks very much! :)