FreeCession - Not Recession


My name is Sean Wichert, Sr. aka Sr. & I am from Katy, TX!

Sr.’s Status: Available for freelance work & can work with any budget from $0.01 to $10,000 per composition, instrumental, arrangement etc.

So give me a call @ 512.588.3773 and we can work together. Additionally, you can email me at

My Website

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+ WordPress CMS Collection
+ Flash + PayPal Collection.
+ Rap / Hip Hop Beats & Instrumentals Collection.

What is included?

+ 1 .MP3 File (192Mbps)
+ 1 .WAV File (44.1Khz/16Bit CD Quality Audio)

The Name of this track is inspired by the Artists / Media’s ability to lift people moods, spirits, etc to get our country out of the Recession by producing beautiful works of art.

The track is inspired by both cinematic concepts, the art of freestyling, and rap music and like all my beats, it is designed for use in Mixtapes and specifically geared toward freestyle artists and lyricist.