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Four exellent emotional background loops with acoustic guitars, piano and orchestral strings. A good choice for improving the quality of your site to the highest level.
Background loops in preview:
Loop 1 – from 0:00 to 0:15
Loop 2 – from 0:16 to 0:47
Loop 3 – from 0:48 to 1:03
Loop 4 – from 1:04 to 1:34
These audio used in After Effects CS4 project Travel by nice author Sandro5.
And another thing: do not forget to listen….

Five BEST sellers
Happy Bossa, happy, joyful, positive track
Good Mood, sweet, emotional track.
Day Near the Sea, holyday, optimistic track
Tornado, power, strong, energy track
New Travel, cheerful, lucky, easy track
Corporate News, corporate, motivation, TV track
Traces On Sand, groovy, pretty, R’n’B track

My Favourite Tracks
Last Youth, thoughtful, score, cinematic track
Gothic, ancient, medieval track
East Folk, folk, ethnica, film track
Lost Love, dramatic, sentimental track
Sunrise Song, just brilliance track
Farewell, dark, contemporary track
Celtic Wedding, ethno, dance track
Bird of Peace, symbol, peaceful track
Way to Forest Well, romantic relax track
Desert Eagle, melancholic, breathing track

Logo, Intro, Openers, Ident
Soap Bubbles Slide Travel To... The Circus

...and it’s NOT ALL ! In my portfolio be available many relax, energetic, exotic and melodius track, FX, music packs – i hope, you will find everything that want.
Thank you for having read it! :)

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