Filling Up Sounds Kit
The sound pieces will help you to show the process of filling up or increasing of something in a more interesting way. These could be some meters in your game, some indicators in your flash-animation, some technical or scientific stuff in your youtube-video… I’d say, any non-pompous thing that increases should be able to produce that kind of sound!
Good for games, animations, cartoons, different video projects.

Kit includes four similar variations of the sound, and here’s the list (as they appear in the preview):

– Filling Up 1.wav – 5sec
– Filling Up 2.wav – 5sec
– Filling Up 3.wav – 6sec
– Filling Up 4.wav – 4.5sec

If you want custom edition of these sounds, just get in touch with me. In some simple cases this can be done fast and for free.

        check my favorites too:
Light Energy Transition (Filling Up 2) – meter, tech, sci-fi, future
I’d buy this… (Purchase sounds) – money, trade, award, bonus, sell
Negative Events – 4 in 1, occasional, dramatic, misfortune, bad luck
Wrong Answer – fail, lose, mistake
You Win – joyful, victory, reward, prize

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