When we think of fairytales, we either think of something magical, something fantastic (or like a fantasy), or a story with a simple message, and/or that takes us to another place. This track (and other tracks in my Fairytale series) aim to reflect that ideology.

There are five tracks in total, each with a unique take on what the music for a fairytale could be, with the titles giving a strong hint to what the music represents.

Solitary Fairy – 0:34

This track represents a solitary fairy. A simple tune, a simple accompaniment. All instruments in this are ‘live’ instruments.

The Fluttering Fairy And A Flute – 0:55

This track represents a solitary ‘fairy’, fluttering around in solitude. At first she plays an ethnic flute (in a fairly flamboyant way), and then this transitions into a section which – whilst flickering and fluterring – also has a very simple, but beautiful melody over the top.

Underwater Fairytale – 1:47

This track represents a trip into the aquatic, into the underwater realm. A magical world awaits. The instruments in this track, when combined create a bubbling echoey effect that gives the impression of being underwater.

Forest Of Faeries – 1:52

This track represents a trip into a forest, full of life. The track has a long introduction which introduces multiple elements, chimes, soft synths, soft plucks, and soft bells, and then once we are inside the forest, the violin represents the comfort in the surrounding envrionment. The piece closes reflectively with an echo of what was heard in the opening.

Firefly In A Fairytale – 3:23

This track represents a firefly. When I picture a firefly, I see lots of lights, and twinkles, hence there are a lot of bell sounds in this track. I also think of electricity, and so there are a lot of synths in this track too. The structure of this one piece follows the ‘ABA’ form, with the middle section being significantly darker than section A. However, with this contrast, it makes a piece of music that ebbs and flows.

Tracks supplied in MP3 and WAV format.

Perfect for sites, backgrounds, presentations that require something ethereal and relatively uncomplicated.