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What a great song! Acoustic guitar is absolutely beautiful.I like the way you recorded everything!




Hey Milos, thank you very much! :) I really enjoyed this recording session – well, session – me, my wife, some guitars and a big cup of coffe :) That was a really great afternoon and i think its written in the song :) Pavel “CHA!”


You are definitely captured that moment, and…Everything is fine :)

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Hi Pavel. I read your comments. I’m glad you like your job itself, I liked it too, and I share your opinion. Really nice track. Good luck with your future works.

Unfortunately I have a bad English, and I can not fully express your emotions. Good luck to you! :)


Thank you very much John for your nice comment! :) I love to write and record music and every comment like this yours give me power going forward :) THANX! Pavel “CHA!” :)

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Great Track!
Bookmarked to Audiojungle Authors Music Collection!

Thank you very much! I very appreciate it! :) Pavel “CHA!”