This music pack specially selected for connoisseurs of ambient electronic style. A lot of positives, the flight in the skies.

In each song I give love and positive!

Enjoy friends ! :)

1. Ray of hope :

Instrumental-atmospheric composition.Music is filled with sadness and hope. Perfect for a web site or a video trailer. Length-03:08.

2. Euphoria Forever :

Wish to feel euphoria? Then to you here. Instrumental Arrangement, a soft feeling of ambient electronic flight. Length-04:58.

3. Positive code :

Beautiful, lyrical composition. Excellent uplifting mood ! Length-2:03.

4. Oceanarium :

Beautiful, lyrical, mysterious track in the style of ambient. The composition of the mysterious water world.Length-05:06.

5. Inner Balance :

A relaxing track in the style of ambient . Enjoy :) Length-4:56.

6. Synthesis :

The composition is created in two styles : Ambient and Break Beat . Enjoy :) Length -3:40.

7. Euphoria flight : Instrumental Arrangement in the style of ambient . The combination of guitar, piano and atmospheric pads provide a lot of positive, sad emotions. Length-2:38.

All thank you very much for your attention to my music !

Here you can find Euphoria Music Pack Vol 1 :