This epic collection features 6 high quality trailer songs that give you that huge Hollywood sound you are looking for.

This music pack features a variety of different types of epic trailer songs. Some have a gradual build up, some are high energy and some are big, wide and beautiful. Whatever your needs are, this pack is sure to bring your projects to life.

Epic Trailer Music Pack Includes:

Epic Movie Trailer (1:15) – “Epic Movie Trailer” is a powerful and inspiring song that will truly move your audience. The song builds with strings and choirs until it reaches an epic climax with blasting horns and full orchestra.

Intense Trailer Music (1:19) – A truly action packed song. Feel the force of pounding drums, the blasting brass, and string melodies in this stunning piece of cinematic music.

Epic Cinematic Trailer (2:12) – An exciting and epic orchestral piece that is made to fit perfectly on your next big production or trailer. Captivate an audience with this stunning array of beautiful choirs, bombastic percussion, and passionate strings.

Dramatic Trailer (1:30) – “Dramatic Trailer” is the perfect piece if you are looking for that BIG and POWERFUL Hollywood sound for your next production. The piece is full of ups, downs, silences, buildups and action packed surprises to make your next trailer an epic masterpiece.

Epic Hybrid Trailer (1:59) – “Epic Hybrid Trailer” is a thrilling hybrid orchestral piece complete with action packed drums,synthesizers and blasting brass to make for an epic piece of cinematic music. The piece has a soft intro and then slams into action and builds into a big climax. After that the music trails off at the end to give you the option of fading the music out whenever you would like.

Epic Trailer (1:19) – An inspirational and powerful song perfect for any film trailer with a positive message.

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