This pack contains 5 pieces of music designed for Sci-Fi projects; be it a movie, trailer, or short film. They cover a variety of moods from the epic main theme ‘Arisen’, to the tense action feel of ‘The Sky Fell’ and the melancholy tone of ‘The Calm’.

They could also be useful for genres other than sci-fi; there is a definite focus on a fast pace and electronic sounds throughout the pack, but this could work equally well with action/adventure projects.

Timecodes to skip to each track in the preview:

Arisen – 0:00
Impasse – 3:58
The Calm – 5:27
The Sky Fell – 7:30
Overflow – 10:50

Everything is also available as a single tracks – the durations and links to each piece included in this pack are below (there is also more detail on each track on their respective pages).

Arisen – 4:04 (Link to ‘Arisen’ on Audiojungle)

Impasse – 1:29 (Link to ‘Impasse’ on Audiojungle)

The Calm – 2:06 (Link to ‘The Calm’ on Audiojungle)

The Sky Fell – 2:54 (Link to ‘The Sky Fell’ on Audiojungle)

Overflow – 3:17 (Link to ‘Overflow’ on Audiojungle)