About This Pack:

Save 50% of your money! Five epic and big orchestral tracks with great cinematic atmosphere – in one pack. Music for trailers, presentations, motion graphics and VideoHive projects. Great choice to highlight your media, draw attention and to make your project sound rich and bright.


1) Altered World – 2:05

Modern epic cinematic arrangement. Electronic elements mixed in the proper way. Really nice for trailers, advertisement, promotional videos and projects, where you need big and epic music with choir, brass and energetic percussion. Lots of versions in an archive.

2) Epic Trailer Theme 2 – 2:09

Big dramatic theme. Lyric strings Intro evolves to epic big orchestral theme. Music in some aspects inspired by Hans Zimmer music. Perfect for trailers, for advertisement and other big projects. Contains an epic cinematic brass section, epic and energetic percussion, spicatto strings and sound design elements. Version without strings intro included.

3) Short Epic Orchestral Trailer 1 – 0:55

Epic orchestral music. Suitable for openings, trailers, celebratings and great ceremonies. Full orchestra.

4) Short Epic Orchestral Trailer 2 – 0:44

Dramatic epic orchestra music. Wide brass section sound and pompous heroic atmosphere. Can be used as news or tv-show opener or for short trailers and commercials.

5) Calmer Trailer Theme – 1:20

Epic, but calm, theme with orchestral strings, piano and epic deep percussion. This music perfect for trailers, commercials and serious advertisement videos. Cinematic atmosphere with melodic modulations of this tune will grab attention to your product and will make right mood. Good choice if you need epic feel, but don’t want your project to be crowded with big amount of sounds.

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