Epic Ominous Trailer

Epic Ominous Trailer

Horror Halloween track produced with that trailer music modern blockbuster sound, in they style of Thomas Bergersen, Two Steps From Hell, Clint Mansell and Audiomachine, Epic Ominous Trailer is the perfect track for horror and thriller movies and action advertising and it will deliver nice shivers to the listeners.

The full version starts with a deep rumble which will make your walls tremble and a far creepy female voice singing a childish monotonous tune; then some hybrid risers and loud impacts, along with some scary sound effects will increase the suspense and tension.

In the middle part we have the whole orchestra with some powerful industrial drums, apocalyptic choirs and some distorted synth guitars.

At the end, some latin whispered, evil words will emphasize the dark and mysterious mood of the track.

If you need an epic cinematic trailer this is perfect for your needs. It’s very easy to cut the different sections of the song with some small edits, to adapt it to your work.

Into the zip file you will find 4 files:

– 60” Version (1:00) the first in preview file
– Full Version (2:08) starts at 1:01 in preview file
– Full Version Without Humming Vocals (2:08) starts at 3:11 in preview file
– 30” Version (0:30) starts at 5:20 in preview file

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