No matter how big is your project – it always deserve professional work!

Dramatic and action “Big Screen” music for your Epic projects and to underline the mood of it.

Very Epic and Marching song arranged for full orchestra with strings, horns, drums, woodwinds and man shouts!

For Honor and Glory – 2:03 (0:00 – 2:03 – in Preview)

Very epic and heavy percussive tune with bassoon introduction following with heavy staccato orchestra, horns and percussions.

Epic Journey – 2:12 (2:02 – 4:14 – in Preview)

Two version available:
  • Full version
  • Version without bassoon intro

Ukulele with Symphonic orchestra, drums and bass guitar.Original and unique combination.

Epic Symphonic Ukulele – 2:24 (4:14 – 6:39 – in Preview)

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Pavel “CHA!”

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