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Epic Hybrid Trailer is a dynamic trailer track based on large horn and brass sections, distorted electric guitars, hybrid synths and huge drums, hits and percussion. This epic, intense track is perfect for all your Hollywood style trailers, and includes the main file, but also a 1 minute spot edit and a percussion / SFX only version (all can be heard in the preview)

Epic Hybrid Trailer (The main track) | 2:13
Epic Hybrid Trailer – 1 Minute Spot Edit | 1:00
Epic Hybrid Trailer – Percussion and SFX only | 2:13

Song Structure:

0:00 -> 0:30 – Intro and buildup
0:30 -> 0:50 – Epic horn hits and stabs
0:50 -> 1:10 – Break and new buildup
1:10 -> 1:50 – Main uptempo part, building to climax
1:50 -> 2:13 – Short transistion to huge, epic drums and horn hits

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