Three epic massive tracks for your next blockbuster trailer or cinematic promo video.

Every song features big hybrid impacts which help to underline titles or scenes during the trailer and ramps and crescendos which help to build up tension.
Main instruments used are strings family (violins, violas, cello and bass) brass (french horns, trombones and tuba), deep and huge percussions (like taikos, dhols and toms) and an apocalyptic choir;
the hybrid part is given by dubstep wobbles and growls, industrial drums and electronic risers.

These compositions are in the style of kings of cinematic trailer music: Audiomachine, Two Steps From Hell and Mark Petrie.

Let’s see in detail what you will find into the zip file:

Epic Massive Trailer (1:21) Loud impacts and risers transform the suspense in action; big percussions hits and strings create the dramatic mood; the choir adds an apocalyptic dark touch and the electro dubstep synth parts make everything more intense.
This track has got all the elements to provide pure energy.
It rocks in projects like trailers in a Hollywood blockbuster style (action, thriller and horror movies), epic video game presentations/promos and sports highlights.

Epic World Trailer (1:23) This track throws you into the gladiators arena, so you must be ready for the fight! Lot of percussions and an ethnic flavor make this the good choice for scoring war ancient trailers.

Epic Horror Trailer (1:31) This is a theme perfect for every horror trailer. It starts with a light and soft female voice singin a silly and childish nursery rhyme (which is an original theme that I wrote for this song).

This first calm piece introduces the evil hidden under the beauty; the song goes on with some heavy and distorted hits and massive impacts, underlining scary moments, along with some eerie sound effects (like ghost whispers, far screams and monsters breaths) and low drones.

The last 30 seconds are a classic crescendo of terror with a lot of risers till the final double explosion, with the creepy voice of the beginning.

Please note: the nursery rhyme can be customized to your needs; that is to say, if your movie has some key words, I can record and place them in the song instead of the “nah nah nah..” and build a tailor made small lyric.