A collection of eight epic and cinematic tracks. They are all played by a large orchestra. Perfect for movie, game or TV projects.

1. Adventurer’s Path 1:22

An epic and cinematic composition featuring epic horns, lush, sweeping string lines and driving percussion.

2. Treasure Hunt 2:06

An epic and cinematic piece with booming brass, fast strings and pounding percussion. It can be used in any adventure or action scene.

3. Boys Going To War 2:04

A cinematic orchestral piece. Dramatic, emotional but also hopeful.

4. The Hero Returns 2:03

A cinematic and epic piece with lush strings, driving percussion and a beautiful soprano voice. It sounds quite heroic – think of a hero coming home or the beginning of a new life in a new world. But this track is suitable for almost any action, adventure or dramatic scene.

5. Treasure Hunt 2 2:18

A cinematic piece with fast strings, pounding percussion and booming brass lines. Great for tense or adventurous scenes in a movie.

6. Solving the Mystery 2:12

A cinematic piece with lush strings, mellow brass and driving percussion. Useful in a mystery or adventure scene.

7. Epic Jungle Adventure 1:54

An epic and cinematic track with energetic, synthesized drums, beautiful string lines, booming brass and the distinctive sound of a shakuhachi flute. This piece captures the atmosphere of fighting in a jungle environment. But it can also be used for almost any other action or adventure-sequence.

8. Search for the Treasure 2:12

An epic, orchestral piece featuring fast, spiccato strings, mellow horn lines and choir. Great for adventure scenes in a movie, game or TV production. Think of a hero who is close to finding a long-lost treasure.