Epic and Cinematic Blockbuster Trailer

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Song Info

A true epic and cinematic blockbuster trailer music track – ideal for pushing your upcoming projects in film, tv, games and every kind of cinematic videos and presentations. Featuring a big Hollywood-style cinematic symphony orchestra with hybrid synthesizer elements, a powerful percussion ensemble and a large epic choir leading to a huge climax and grand finale. Main instruments: symphonic orchestra, percussion, synthesizer, choir, electric guitar.

This track is also a big tribute to all the great composers & musicians in the trailer music industry. You know who they are :)

Song Structure

0:29 Introducing the full orchestra and percussion
0:39 Climax with the blockbuster style main motif/melody played by the french horn section, more brass and choir
0:50 Hollywood grand finale with more choir
1:00 Ending

Audio Files Included

Epic and Cinematic Blockbuster Trailer (wav and mp3)

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