Awesome pack with 10 tracks in jazz, blues and funk styles.

01. Corporate Melody (1:12)
Universal positive melody that is perfect for presentations, commercials, corporate videos, family videos, and similar actions. Instruments: electric guitars, bass, drums.

02. Rock Show (2:14)
Cool track with funky mood. Good for trailers, movies, presentations, commercial, overviews, etc.

03. Dreams Come True (0:46)
Dreamy track with friendly mood. Good for different kinds off presentations, trailers, videos, etc.

04. Drunk Bob Blues (1:16)
Cool blues track with slide guitar and melodic bridges.

05. Corporate Charm (1:59)
A beautiful melody with an indifferent attitude. Instruments: electric guitar, bass, drums, piano, synthesizer.

06. Funk ‘o’ Jazz (2:42)
A wonderful mix of instruments, good mood and excellent sound quality. All of this guarantees success to a variety of videos, presentations and other performances in which this melody will be used. Instruments: electric guitars, electric bass, organ and drums.

07. Serious Intentions (2:15)
Melody with a confident personality. Thought-out accuracy, the greatness, specificity, independent thinking and strong action. Instruments: electric guitar, electric bass, drums, synthesizer.

08. Arcade Jazz Theme (1:03)
Dynamic melody in jazz style with nice mood. Good for different kinds of commercial, trailers, presentations, etc.

09. Heady Waltz (2:21)
A beautiful melody with a serious character. Instruments: electric guitars, bass, drums, organ.

10. Drunk Texas (1:44)
Thematic Texas track with neutral mood. Good for trailers, films, overviews, thematic presentations, etc.

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