Electronic Tracks Pack

Electronic Tracks Pack

Four exellent, hi-quality electronic tracks with different instruments: analog synthesizers, on-line instrument (yeah!), guitars and many drum effects, slice, etc…
You get tracks:
1. Rubber Man ....... 3:22
2. Rapata-Chapata ...... 2:46
3. On-Line Synth ..... 2:48
4. Robot Job ......... 1:45
The general time of sounding 10:37
All track in WAVE, 44,1/16bit
Total cost of tracks on AudioJungle: 61$, but you can purchased this audio tracks pack for half-cost. It’s really not bad! =))
My Favourite Tracks Rapata-Chapata, happy and funny inspiration track
Shooby Dooba, rhythmic funky melodic track with guitar
Sportbike On Road, progressive trance track
Evil Mushrooms, romantic audio about evil mushrooms
Sweet Moments, inspiring cinematic piano
Alternating V, happy old hard rock
Good Morning, classic inspire rock audio
Rubber Man like a rubber woman, but man…
Family Dinner, dreamy acoustic guitar music
Traffic in the Matrix, agressive break beat
Long Road, romantic rock track
Glimmer, romantic relax track

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This track is perfect for pro photographs, video makers, filmmakers, corporate, action, cinema, TV, series, commercial, webisode and vlog, crowdfunding, event, school and university, indie film, festival, videohive, lessons, presentation, slideshow etc. Also this track may be as background for medicine and hight technology videos and presentations, advertisment, media project and podcasts, science and invention, architecture and design, computer and robot, industry and factory, fashion, innovation projects.

You can use this track for your slideshows and videos on your website(s), blogs and anywhere on Social Media: YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, Tumbler, Instagram, VK and more.

Instruments: Drums machines, guitars, bass, synth, claps, percussion.

Mood: Airy, Panic, Atmospheric, Boombastic, Bright, Carefree, Celebratory, Cheerful, Cold, Combative, Comforting, Confrontational, Crunchy, Dirty, Exited, Epic, Groovy, Joyful, Uplifting, Peaceful, Rocking, Pulsing, Uptempo, Warm, Moody, Gentle, Nervous, Powerful, Fantastic, Melancholy, Staccato, Turbulent, Hammering, Hopeful, Energetic, Inspire, Inspiration, Inspiring, Upbeat,.

Suggest Use: About town, Action, Sport, Travel, Driving, Adventure, Wild, Aliens, Animals, Racing, Cars, Fight, Montage, Titles, Credits, Battle, Futuristic, Beach, Loneliness, City night, Cityscape, Competition, Party, Festival, Elevator, Constructional, Dancing, Celebration, Evil, Robots, Disaster, Disco, Commuting, Playing, Dream, Sequence, Jets, Breaking out, Fantasy, Activity, Finance, Flying, Space, Urban, Synth, Retro, Relationship, Panorama, Slideshow, Ocean, Light show, School, Joyful, Spaceship, Future, Relax, Playing, Training, Running, Run, Journey, Panic, Mystery, Discovery, Magic, Teenage, Teen, Spirit, Happy, Ninjas, Motorcycles, Cars, Motors, Time, Industrial.

This music could be part of “Tron: Legacy”, “Wall Street”, “Blade runner”, “Total Recall”, “Robocop”, and anime score/soundtrack.

Inspired by (similar artists): Depeche Mode, U2, Erasure, David Bowie, Tesla Boy, U96, Ramstein, AC DC.