Previous name: Living Is Easy.

This is a happy and carefree upbeat track with a very organic feel, with ukulele sound and snaps and claps together with drums and a piano / glockenspiel melody.

Perfect as background music in your corporate promotional videos, in ads, or as motivational music as it makes you feel very happy.

Note: The zip file contains several versions of this song

• The original version (2:00)
• Alternate version without the glockenspiel in the melody, just piano (2:00)
• Loop from the original version (00:25)
• Loop from the alternate version (00:25)

In the preview file you can hear all different versions:
00:00-02:00 – Full original version
02:00-04:00 – Full alternate version without glockenspiel in the melody

04:00-04:25 – Loop – original version
04:27-04:52 – Loop – alternate version

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