About This Pack:

Save 50% of your money! Five contemporary and modern dubstep music tracks.


1) Aggressive Dubstep Commercial – 1:58

Modern and contemporary sound for special media projects, dance videos and technological product presentations, also for car shows and modern tv shows.

2) High-Tech Dubstep – 2:10

Modern dubstep music. Deep bass line, creative synths. Powerfull drum line. Great background in slow motion graphics, advertisements, commercials.

3) Dubstep Guitar – 1:06

Epic Melodic Dubstep with creative arrangement, modern instruments and synths. Great for advertising if you want it fresh and memorable. Also good for cars videos, promos, dance videos.

4) Dubstep Advertising 1 – 0:52

Modern music for up-to-date advertising (cars, mobile phones, technological devices and many more), start-up video presentation or other demands. Oriented for 10-30 years old audience. Dub-Step elements and unexpected structure.

5) Dubstep Advertising 2 – 0:39

Usual intro of standart advertisement instruments – piano, guitar, strings – evolving to modern dubstep. This unexpected turn of mood and dynamic will draw much attention. Can be used for short presentations, commercials or dance studio promos and many more.

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