INCLUDED IN PURCHASE + 4 FILES: Intro, loop1, loop2, Ending

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generation dubstep on audiojungle by Headlane

Headlane video on youtube dubstep generationFree demo track Headlane


  • Dubstep Generation – 1:00
  • 01 Intro – :16 (Preview starts at 1:00)
  • 02 loop 1 – :12 (Preview starts at 1:17)
  • 03 loop 2 – :13 (Preview starts at 1:30)
  • 04 Ending – :18 (Preview starts at 1:44)


The positive and stylish sound can attract the attention of a new audience the people! BPM is not constant (145-150)
If you need a track without a voice (“Electro” & “Dubstep Generation”), you just need to connect together these files 01+02+03+04 and you get the original track with no voice.
According to the rules in the archive be may only 4 files in addition to the main file, so my track becomes more flexible adjustability thanks to its duration.

How works this track in the video? View on youtube!

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