This is a collection of FOUR full drum and bass tracks, spanning a range of styles!

Drive: 5:18

A fast paced drum & bass tune inspired by night driving!

Built around a set of FM synthesisers this track has a new age, organic feel, that drops in and out with heavy drops and euphoric breaks.

This high energy, emotive and dramatic tune would suit any production needing a fast yet fluid track.

Aestas (A Chilled Summer): 4:12

Summer’s here early!

Take a break with this laid back soulful tune, pushing an exotic pace at 170bpm through shakers, breaks and a smooth bass line!

This track would be the perfect combination to a sunny party scene that needs to be chilled but get people on their feet!

Coda – Trance Breakbeat: 4:58

An evolving drum and bass track built around contemporary dance synths and breakbeats, with an organic atmosphere shrouding the steady piano chord progression.

Initiation: 4:32

An Epic, driving drum and bass track heavily based on synthesisers and house piano patterns.

The piece literally kicks off with a bang, and really comes alive when the breaks come in along with the dubstep style wobbly bass line. The first drop introduces the lead melody on a lively synth while the piano and charging beats keep everything on track.

As the piece progresses, new motifs are introduced until all is unleashed for the final drop!