Two versions! Full and short (+ 3 loops)

Driving – mod, impetuous, spirited track with an active rock guitar, rock bass, contemporary synths and rock drums. Progressive, bouncy, dashing sound evokes burst of energy, drive and cheerful mood. Perfect for sports, motorcycling, racing, actions, TV, movies, radio, underground, parties, commercial, hi-tech, business presentations, advertising, or any other project that could use an energetic, punchy, rhythmical, lively music such as a short film, documentary, video game, movie trailer, flash, web site, Youtube project, etc. Excellent for modern journeys, driving, racing games and videos. Chipper, memorable, catchy, dynamic rythm is very motivational and uplifting.

Driving – buying this item you get 2 versions of track and 3 loops (wav and mp3) to customise in your project:

1. Driving (full version (2:29)).
2. Driving (short version (0:40)) – (2:29 in preview).
3. Driving (loop 1 (0:30)).
4. Driving (loop 2 (0:30)).
5. Driving (loop 3 (0:30)).

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