“Drill Logo” it is a cool opening logo with drill effect!

Fast Search Of My Music Tracks

Sport Music Tracks:

Sport Planet – music track with distortion guitar riff, bluesy chicken/picking guitar riffs and cosmic synth!

Sport Action – sport/extremal music track with hard/distortion and bluesy chicken/picking guitar riffs!

Sport Life – sport/energetic music track with CELLO melody and light hard-rock guitar riff!

Sport Race – sport/extremal music track with rythmic hard/distortion guitar riff and FX sounds!

Sport World – sport/energetic music track with nice CELLO melody and light hard-rock guitar riff!

Cinematic/Wedding Cello/Piano Music Tracks:

Inspirational Cello and Piano – wonderful inspirational track with soft piano and beautiful cello!

Magic Bells and Cello – nice wedding track with bells, athmosphere drums, soft piano and beautiful cello!

When Snow Is Falling – wonderful fairy track with bells, pizzicato cello, soft piano and beautiful strings!

Dreamy Cello and Piano – beautiful cinematic track with cello melody, soft piano and beautiful pads!

With Love For You – nice wedding/melodic track with cello, soft piano, bongos and beautiful pads!